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Ketso – the hands-on kit for creative engagement

Engaging with stakeholders – access, health and disadvantaged communities

A ‘workshop in a bag’ for engaging with the public, wider stakeholders and research participants

Ketso made our workshop accessible to all participants, allowing us to capture ideas from a broad spectrum of ages and backgrounds.

Dr. Carolyn Downs, Lecturer Socially Responsible Gambling, University of Salford


Ketso is a hands-on kit for creative engagement. Ketso offers a structured way to run a workshop, using re-usable coloured shapes to capture everyone's ideas. This re-usable ‘workshop in a bag’ comes with a growing range of workshop methodologies and accessible guidance on effective and enjoyable engagement.

Ketso is in use in over 60 Universities worldwide, for engaging with the public; research development; participatory data gathering; teaching and learning; forward planning and skills development. Ketso has been used for data gathering and research development with the wider public in contexts including: migration and immigration; sustainability skills in the workplace; enterprise cultures across Europe; street tree management; water management; public sector service delivery; health; and business and biodiversity. With Ketso, everyone has a voice. The researcher is able to gather data from a wide range of people for analysis. Ketso makes effective use of people’s time and a wide range of ideas can be gathered quickly. Data from different workshops can be collated and analysed.

Ketso is a spin-off, founded by Dr. Tippett in 2009 from her ESRC-funded research. It is a company with a social mission - to transform the way we communicate, collaborate and learn worldwide.

Top Tips

  • Use the pieces of the toolkit to help you plan your workshop (each part of a Ketso is designed to support an important element of effective engagement)

  • Make sure that everyone has a way to make an input during a workshop (e.g. everyone has a pen and leaves)
  • Introduce the aims and process of the workshop clearly to participants

Further information

Dr. Joanne Tippett
Email Ketso
Ketso website

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