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Public Engagement at Manchester

Einstein’s Garden Accepting Applications

Green Man’s curious and wacky science engagement area, Einstein’s Garden,
is now open for applications for stalls and performances.

Einstein’s Garden is Green Man’s area for creative engagement with science, nature and technology. Each year we curate a lineup which fuses performance, art, music and research to bring the world around us and our questions about it to life in the most wacky and wonderful ways.

We’re on the lookout for organisations, research groups, and any other science/nature/technology-minded folk that would like to bring a stall to Einstein’s Garden with the aim of engaging festival audiences with their work. Your stall will explore any aspect of science or tech research, nature, curiosity or questions about the world around us, which you’ll bring to life in a unique way to amaze and engage our audience of thousands

Stalls/installation applications are here; then scroll down to ‘Create’.

Applications for Performances, Speakers, Walkabout, Bands, Workshops and
anything else is here.

The first round deadline for these applications will be at midnight on Friday 6 March 2020,

For queries contact: Sophie Perry, Einstein’s Garden Curator & Producer – sophie@greenman.net

Would you like to do public engagement with research at Glastonbury Festival 2020?

For the 50th Anniversary, there will be a new science area in the Green Futures field, and the organisers are welcoming applications for exciting interactive science stalls.

The applications portal is now open: http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/traders

All you need to do to apply is register as a “trader” and fill in the online application form. Please ensure you tick the box for “charity/campaign” stalls in Green Futures, and include “science area at Green Futures” in the description of the best onsite stall location.

The deadline is 14th November 2019, but applications are light-touch.

The Green Futures Field is dedicated to creative change and eco problem-solving, so it’s the perfect place for a science area. The organisers are particularly interested in exciting activities showcasing scientific solutions to environmental issues.

Stalls should fit with the spirit of Glastonbury Festival, with a strong emphasis on presentation. There is no electricity in Green Futures, but renewable energy sources are very welcome!

Most of the info about applying is available here: https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/traders/

But If you need guidance on your application, please email:


Einstein’s Garden Science Stall application now open

Call for Science Stalls at Einstein’s Garden, Green Man Festival are now open.

Deadline for applications will be 14 April 2018. Any queries regarding the application should be directed towards will@greenman.net

To apply please follow this link and scroll to the bottom to find the section for Science Stalls: https://greenman.net/information/get-involved/

Einstein’s Garden is Green Man’s area of science and nature. Each year we curate a line up which fuses together performance, art, music and public engagement with research and brings science and the environment to life in fun and unusual ways.

We’re on the lookout for research groups and scientific organisations that would like to bring a stall to Einstein’s Garden with the aim of engaging festival audiences with science. Stalls can explore fundamental scientific ideas or phenomena, the process of science or current scientific research. It is essential that stalls include as much interactivity and participation as possible for festival goers and that they embody the creative and playful spirit of Einstein’s Garden.

The Einstein’s Garden theme for 2018 is LIFETIME to mark the celebrations of our 10th year at Green Man. It is not essential for science stalls to directly relate to the theme, but it may help to shape your ideas.

Find out more about the Green Man Festival at: http://www.greenman.net/

Call for more engagement teams at Jodrell Bank Live

Celebrated Science-Music festival goes from strength to strength

After a successful pilot last year, Jodrell Bank will be hosting four festival dates this year with headline bands such as New Order, Johnny Marr, the Australian Pink Floyd, Sigur Rós and the Hallé Orchestra.

Once again it will be running the Science Arena on each of the dates and already have a number of engagement teams booked in for all of them. The expected audience for each date is between 4,000 and 8,000 attendees, which puts the festival overall on a similar footing to the Cheltenham Science Festival in terms of numbers.

There are still several spaces left in the Science Arena, so University staff are invited to propose engagement activities for these.

The ‘fairground’ type stands are equipped with tables and power supplies. There is no wi-fi on site because of the possibility of interference with the telescope, so any internet-based material will have to be uploaded onto computers/laptops/ipads etc before coming to site.

All Science Arena exhibitors get free access to the Music event once the Science Arena closes, usually early evening, well before the headline acts come on stage, free parking and access to the ‘Green Room’ for exhibitors where we provide tea, coffee and water and a place where people can eat packed lunches etc if they wish. We can also lock any valuable equipment into the Discovery Centre buildings at this stage so that it’s secure overnight between events (though all personal belongings must be taken away as there is no re-entry to the buildings once they are locked at night).

To see what was on offer over the last two years visit: Live from Jodrell Bank

If you would like to get involved; or have further information on the event contact: teresa.anderson@manchester.ac.uk