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Public Engagement at Manchester

Peterloo 2019 – a programme of exciting events across Greater Manchester June – August 2019

Take a look at this exciting programme of events taking place June – August 2019 across Greater Manchester – commemorating 200 years since the Peterloo Massacrehttps://bit.ly/2vYFkPg

Manchester Histories is an independent charity spun-out of The University of Manchester’s Department of History and is overseeing the set of events for Peterloo 2019. Thanks to University of Manchester’s engagement and investment there are over 150 events happening across Greater Manchester to mark this most significant moment in history – see our brochure: https://bit.ly/2vYFkPg

There is also a new website, learning resources and the engagement of many young people, different communities and cultural organisations across Greater Manchester – see our website: peterloo1819.co.uk

Michael Wood and David Olusoga will be hosting talks at Manchester Art Gallery and Manchester Central Library. In partnership with The Guardian and University of Manchester we also have four fantastic debates exploring, the roots of protest, gaps in representation. AI and the fourth industrial revolution, and is devolution the way to a healthier democracy.

Keep up to date:
Take a look at the programme of events in our brochure: https://bit.ly/2vYFkPg
Check out our website: peterloo1819.co.uk
Join in the conversation: follow us on Twitter: @mcrhistfest #Peterloo2019

Your chance to shape Manchester Histories Festival 2016

Manchester Histories Festival 2016 is on the way and will be taking place from Friday 3 – Sunday 12 June across Greater Manchester, and we’re organising a planning meeting on Tuesday 10 November to discuss how you can take part in the festival.

We’ll cover planning timescales, what you need to do to get involved and also answer any questions that you may have. Whether you’re new to the festival or have taken part before, we’re keen to meet with everyone and discuss how we can make the next festival a great success and benefit all partners.

Annie Keane, the new Director of the 12 month Science in the City festival that is part of 2016’s European Open Science Forum, will also be at the meeting to talk with you about how you can get involved in the programme.

Additionally, when we’ve hosted previous meetings for the festival, many people have mentioned the opportunity it also provides to meet with other groups, organisations and individuals who are planning on delivering activities in the festival, share information and make new links.

If you have any questions about the meeting and how you could get involved, please contact Claire Turner on claire@manchesterhistories.co.uk or call 0161 306 1982.

Sign up to attend the planning event here.

We hope to see you there.

About the Manchester Histories

Manchester Histories is a charity that celebrates Greater Manchester’s unique histories and heritage, through a range of events and projects, including Manchester Histories Festival. Manchester Histories purpose is transforming lives through histories and heritage. The next festival runs from Friday 3 – Sunday 12 June 2016. For further details, please visit www.manchesterhistoriesfestival.org.uk

Manchester Histories Festival 2014 – Call for proposals

Manchester Histories invites all disciplines to submit activities and events for the next Manchester Histories Festival (21 – 30 March 2014).

For further details, please visit the website at:

Manchester Histories Festival: Get involved

The deadline for events to be included in MHF 2014 programme is Monday 7 October 2013, and they will only be included if all of the relevant information required is provided.

You must provide:

  • one form for each event that you submit;
  • a high-resolution image that is related to your event. (300dpi and a minimium of 4MB if possible) You can send this by CD, if required, to the MHF office. You MUST hold the copyright for, or have written permission to use this image;
  • please note that your copy will be edited to fit the format and style of the MHF website and programme.

If you want to talk further about developing something for the festival, please contact:

Claire Turner, Director, Manchester Histories, on 0161 306 1982 or claire.turner@manchester.ac.uk