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Public Engagement at Manchester

Win £100 in 10 minutes – Young persons Physics lecture competiton 26 March

The Institute of Physics Manchester Branch is holding a Young Persons Lecture Competition on Wednesday 26 March 2014 at 6.00pm and is looking for potential speakers.

The lecture should concern a topic relevant to Physics and be accessible to a general audience. It should be a maximum of 8 minutes long and will be followed by 2 minutes for questions from judges. Computer facilities will be available (please ask if you require programmes other than PowerPoint) but it is not necessary to use these. Cash prizes of up to £100 will be awarded for the best presentations on the night. There will be separate prizes for School pupils and undergraduates/postgraduate level presentations.

The aim of the competition is to provide an atmosphere of friendly competition to enable students and school pupils to seek to improve their presentation skills, as well as providing an event to entertain and educate those with an interest in Physics.

The competition will be held in SB G.01, Sandra Burslem Building, Lower Ormond St, Manchester, M15 6HB (note change of venue). It will start at 6.30pm with sandwiches and drinks available from 6pm. All are welcome to come and see the talks and we will aim to finish by 8pm.

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Institute of Physics 2013 Kelvin medal and prize

Professor Jeff Forshaw, University of Manchester. For his wide-reaching work aimed at helping the general public to understand complex ideas in physics.

Jeff Forshaw is a leading theoretical particle physicist, who is passionate about communicating science to the public with the goal to explain science, not merely to describe it. He has been hugely successful in reaching an audience of millions.

Jeff has written two popular science books that are world-wide bestsellers, with Brian Cox as co-author: “Why does E=mc2? (and why should we care?)” and “The Quantum Universe: Everything that can happen does happen”.

Jeff has been the principal science consultant for several TV programmes. Highlights include the “Wonders of the Solar System” and “Wonders of the Universe” series on the BBC. He has appeared on The One Show to talk about the theory of relativity and he makes regular appearances on BBC Breakfast, The Today Programme and BBC Radio Five Live, where he is asked to explain complicated physics to the general public. He is a columnist for The Observer and has written many articles, and been interviewed many times in the press. Jeff has delivered high-profile public talks, including a sell-out lecture at the Royal Festival Hall, a Royal Institution Lecture and events at science and art festivals.

Jeff also operates at the grassroots level. He works with schools to enthuse the next generation of scientists and has participated in many British Association “SciBar” events and Café Scientifique events around the UK. Jeff Forshaw is unique in his ability to explain complex ideas in physics in an accessible way. This success is fuelled by a belief that there is a real appetite to actually understand things. As an outstanding theoretical physicist and gifted communicator he has enthused audiences worldwide.

IOP outreach workshops

Doing Outreach is a one day introductory workshop for physicists who are interested in getting involved with public engagement and outreach activities.

This interactive workshop introduces participants to the social and political context of science communication as well as helping to develop their confidence and skills. The workshop is particularly suitable for physicists new to outreach.

When: 7 or 21 November 2012

Where: Institute of Physics, London

The workshops are free. The Institute of Physics is investing in this initiative as we are committed to improving public awareness of physics and its impact on society.

Travel busaries are available for Institute members who need help with travel and/or accommodation costs.

Find out more and register here.