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The Brilliant Club – Tutor recruitment

The Brilliant Club is an award-winning university access charity. They recruit and train doctoral and post-doctoral researchers to deliver programmes of university-style teaching to pupils in schools that serve under-represented communities and are currently recruiting researchers to work on their Brilliant Tutoring Programme.

This programme contributes to the National Tutoring Programme initiative, aimed at helping pupils catch-up on learning missed from the pandemic. This academic year The Brilliant Club will be working with 9,000 pupils on the programme.

The Brilliant Club are looking for researchers in English, Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry to apply to become a tutor.

The next deadline for applications is Friday 12 March, with a later, final deadline of Friday 2 April. Successful applicants will be invited to a virtual assessment centre.

What are the benefits of becoming a tutor?

  • Get expert training and real experience to develop your teaching and other transferable skills
  • Earn £500 per placement
  • Being part of the national effort to support pupils who have been disadvantaged by the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Join a nationwide community of like-minded researchers making a huge impact on school pupils

Importantly, any researchers that apply to work on the Brilliant Tutoring Programme will also get the opportunity to convert to becoming a Scholars Programme tutor next academic year, so they will get the chance to be a tutor on both programmes.

What will being a tutor for the Brilliant Tutoring Programme involve?

  • Completing Brilliant Tutoring Programme training.
  • Delivering at least one full placement (30 hours of tutoring).
  • Preparing fully for each tutorial, so that tutors feel confident in the subject content they will deliver, have pre-empted misconceptions and planned their explanations and the activities pupils will complete.
  • Marking a baseline and end of programme assessment for each pupil and providing written feedback.

Who is eligible to become a Brilliant Tutoring Programme tutor?

  • You need to feel confident teaching Maths/English/Biology/Chemistry/Physics at GCSE level. The course you will be asked to teach will be pre-designed, and you will receive thorough training before delivering it, but you need to feel confident with the material at GSCE level so that you are able to address misconceptions and support pupils effectively. We ask that you have at least a relevant undergraduate degree in the subject you are applying to tutor in.
  • Tutors should also feel confident delivering a course wholly online, ensuring they still build relationships with pupils and run interactive and engaging sessions in this format.

For more information and to apply: https://thebrilliantclub.org/the-scholars-programme/for-researchers/the-opportunity/

Help disrupted learners be brilliant!

Are you a PhD researcher or doctoral graduate who wants to help a young person realise their academic potential?

With every day of the pandemic, and lockdown, young learners are disrupted. Pupils from underrepresented backgrounds face an even greater education challenge that grows by the day. We need your help now to recruit brilliant tutors to help those disrupted learners.

The Brilliant Club works with PhD students and PhD graduates, who work across three core programmes, from catch-up in key subjects to sharing PhD research to inspire specialist subject learning. With the guidance of the PhDers we work with, over 65,000 learners from underrepresented backgrounds have graduated from our programmes.

The pandemic presents pupils from underrepresented backgrounds with an unprecedented disadvantage reaching further education. A generation of lost learners would have serious implications for university access, so we have pledged to do all we can to support the catch-up effort in schools. We are a National Tutoring Programme approved Tuition Partner and our PhD tutors will be delivering catch-up tutoring to schools through the recently launched Brilliant Tutoring Programme.

Find out more here – https://thebrilliantclub.org/the-scholars-programme/for-researchers/the-opportunity/

The Brilliant Club – PhD Tutor Recruitment

Are you a PhD student or Postdoc looking for meaningful, paid teaching experience?

Through working as a tutor with The Brilliant Club, you will:

  • Develop teaching experience and other employability skills
  • Receive high-quality training in teaching pedagogy
  • Enhance your knowledge of the UK education system
  • Disseminate your research to a unique, non-expert audience
  • Join a community of like-minded researchers across the UK
  • Have the choice of how many placements you’d like to take part in, getting paid £500 per placement

What is The Brilliant Club?

Only 1 in 50 of the most disadvantaged quintile of 18 year olds progress to a highly-selective university. Over the last five years, The Brilliant Club has worked to increase this number by recruiting, training and placing over 1000 researchers across the UK to deliver programmes of university-style teaching to small groups of high-performing pupils from underrepresented communities.

There is now the opportunity for you to join this growing community of like-minded researchers and become a Scholars Programme tutor in 2017-18, supporting pupils to develop the academic skills, knowledge and confidence needed to progress to highly-selective universities.

The Brilliant Club will be holding an Information Event at The University of Manchester in the Roscoe Building, room 3.3, on Wednesday 6 September at 1pm. Please come along if you would like to find out more about becoming a Scholars Programme tutor.

To find out more about the tutoring opportunity and to watch a short video of tutors speaking about their experience, please visit www.thebrilliantclub.org/the-brilliant-club-for-researchers/get-involved/ To apply, please complete the application form found at the bottom of the Brilliant Club website page.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to email The Brilliant Club at apply@thebrilliantclub.org

Posted on behalf of Roz Webster, Student Recruitment and Widening Participation Officer (SUPI & Academic Enrichment for Biology, Medicine, and Health

Tel +44(0) 161 275 7676 | Email roz.webster@manchester.ac.uk

The Brilliant Club – Tutoring Opportunity for PhDs and Postdoc

The Brilliant Club Placements: A meaningful, paid opportunity for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers to teach their own research!

The Brilliant Club is an award-winning charity that recruits, trains and pays doctoral and post-doctoral researchers to deliver programmes of university-style teaching to small tutorial groups of high-performing pupils in schools that serve communities with a low participation rate in Higher Education.

Over the course of the academic year 2015-2016 we placed almost 400 researchers to work in schools across London, the South East, the Midlands, the North East and North West of England, where they worked with over 8000 high performing pupils.

Tutors are placed in a school to work with two groups of four or six high-performing pupils, delivering a series of tutorials that takes them beyond the curriculum and help to develop the knowledge, skills and ambition necessary to secure places at top universities. Tutors will be supported by a training programme consisting of two full-day sessions and will accompany their pupils on a university trip, which will include their introductory tutorial.

In addition to earning £450 per placement, successful candidates will gain valuable teaching experience, enhance their knowledge of the UK education system and develop a programme of tutorials drawing on elements of their own research with a chance to disseminate it to a non-expert audience. As well as this, they will also join a cohort of like-minded researchers who are interested in widening access to highly-selective universities.

The Brilliant Club will be running an information event where doctoral and post-doctoral researchers can find out more: Tuesday 31 January, University Place 5.209, 13:00-14:00

If you are unable to attend but would like to find out more, please visit our website where you can a video including past PhD Tutors: http://www.thebrilliantclub.org/the-brilliant-club-for-researchers/get-involved/

Or download this leaflet – The Brilliant Club – Placement information – Manchester Uni (pdf)

Applications have now opened for the summer term placements and early applications are encouraged.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to email us at apply@thebrilliantclub.org.