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Public Engagement at Manchester

One-day workshop on patient and public involvement

The North West People in Research Forum  is hosting a one-day workshop for researchers on patient and public involvement

The workshop, Experience Matters, aims to help researchers:

  • Build their understanding of patient and public involvement in research
  • Start involving patients and public in their research, or develop their involvement activities if they are already active in this area
  • Learn from other participants about what might work in specific contexts

The workshop will take place 9 May from 10am until 4pm in Manchester city centre. It will be run by Bec Hanley and Derek Stewart, who have experience of running training sessions and facilitating workshops for clinicians, researchers, administrative staff, service users, patients, carers and staff from NHS and voluntary organisations.

For more information and to book a place (required due to limited places) please contact –  Douglas.Cooper@researchnorthwest.nhs.uk (Forum Administrative Assistant).

Find out more about the North West People in Research Forum.

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