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Live with Scientists – get involved

Live with Scientists is a nonprofit initiative devoted to providing equal access to science for everyone.  It is an online platform for hosting and archiving LIVE science talks and interviews, and publishing podcasts and blogs on scientific topics that are most relevant to the public. We are passionate scientists from the University of Manchester who want to make a difference in the way we communicate science.

In April 2021, Live with Scientists (https://www.livewithscientists.com) will be marking our first anniversary with a celebration of what we stand for that “Science is for everyone”. As a group we aim to engage those who don’t always have resources or circumstances to attend events in person and we host live talks and Q&A sessions with local scientists.

We will be hosting a series of online events during the month focussing on the fantastic impact that the public has and continues to have on research. From a panel discussion from researchers whose research has especially benefited from public input to highlighting fantastic citizen science projects that everyone can participate in!

Now, this is where you come in! We will be challenging researchers to get creative by describing your research:

  • Using Emojis via Twitter using the hashtag #LwSEmoji, between the 5-9 April or;
  • By sending in a 3 minute Lightning Talk to live.with.sci.manchester@gmail.com by Monday 29 March

The aim is to be quick, snappy and to the point, plus there will be a prize for the best!

Keeping those creative juices flowing, why not show off your exciting experiments by taking a time-lapse video of your favourite assay, giving a snappy insight into your working day!

Submissions will be posted and promoted to our audiences on our social media accounts across April, but in the meantime check out our website for more information on how to take part: https://www.livewithscientists.com/2021/02/21/live-with-scientists-anniversary-month-get-involved/

Posted on behalf of Joshua Cox, Live with Scientists

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