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Public Engagement at Manchester

TEDxSalford – 21 October 2012

Following the success of last year’s event, TEDxSalford returns to share TEDs trademark brand of inspiration and informative thinking with the people of Salford and Manchester.

Showcasing a broad range of speakers with Ideas Worth Spreading – this years event is set to be brimming with the creative, innovative and motivative zest that make TED events so uniquely delightful.

With Salford now being home to Media City UK, this locally organised TEDx event allows organisers and audiences alike to show off the city as the innovative hub it is becoming for the creative and digital sectors. TEDxSalford is demonstrating that Salford believes in the power of ideas.

This year you can expect to experience talks from a whole host of speakers. All of whom have led interesting lives and careers, leading them to have unique insights, experiences and ideas to share with the audience. All our speakers can be expected to fulfil the TED ideal and offer up an extraordinary feast of diverse and stimulating topics, that will leave our guests satisfyingly full.

Finally with TEDx Speakers having a reputation for passionately engaging with their audience, don’t be surprised if you walk away feeling invigorated, inspired and enriched after the event.

Speakers include

A shortlist of some of our innovative speakers follows;

  • Joe Incandela – Head of the CMS experiment at CERN, likely discovered the Higgs Boson
  • Jim Al-Khalili OBE – Physicist and award winning science communicator
  • Julie Meyer – Entrepeneur from BBC Dragon’s Den
  • Ray Hammond – one of Europe’s leading futurists
  • Paul Zenon – Britain’s leading magician
  • Sir Ian Wilmut OBE – Cloning pioneer who created “Dolly”
  • Ken Shamrock – MMA and WWE legend

Registration and tickets

This full day event will take place on 21 October 2012, for the opportunity to become part of the worldwide TED community at your local event simply purchase tickets here. Early bird rates are available for a limited time.

Posted on behalf of Zareta Esieva, Marketing Officer, TEDxSalford Team

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