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MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Deep Learning Day – Women in the World of Work – 8 December

On behalf of Whalley Range, our Business Class partner, I would like to invite you to be part of their Deep Learning Day on the 8 December.

The learning objectives for the day and key words the girls will be hearing throughout the sessions are:

  • To reflect on my goals, core values
  • To develop understanding of skills and qualities employers want/need, career opportunities and challenges for women in the world of work
  • To gain experience of talking to adults other than family or teachers.


  • goal/aspiration – something you are aiming for/want to achieve
  • core values – qualities/experience that you think are most important
  • fantasy – things from dreams and imagination, things that are more difficult to achieve
  • reality – things that are more every day, more possible
  • career – a profession/occupation that you have chosen and trained for
  • a motivator – something that makes you want to do something

In the morning the girls will be preparing for meetings with female visitors/volunteers, then from 9.40 for an hour, you would meet with a group of students and be ‘interviewed’. The girls will have prompt questions to learn as much as possible about your job, career and motivations. There is no preparation required, other than to be ready to answer questions and to share anything you think is important about considering future jobs.

Head of School, Fiona Devine, is also giving a key note speech and Q&A at 2.00pm as part of the same event.

As a volunteer would need to arrive at Whalley Range for 9.30am at the latest and report to reception and ask for Jackie Fahey.

If you would like to be involved, please let me know so that Jackie has an idea on numbers of volunteers and can prepare a visitor list. Please also cascade this to other female colleagues. Seniority is not a deciding factor for taking part as the greater number of women the girls can interact with the greater number of experiences, the better.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Michelle Kipling : michelle.kipling@manchester.ac.uk

Project and Accreditation Manager (Social Responsibility), Alliance Manchester Business School | The University of Manchester | Room 2.20 MBS West | Booth Street West | Manchester M15 6PB | +44 (0) 161 275 6546

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