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#HookedOnMusic – help unlock the secret science of songs

The Manchester Science Festival Team at MOSI would like to ask for your help unlocking the secret science of songs. All you need to do is play and promote a great new online game, #HookedOnMusic – and share it with friends and family.

You’ll find it at www.hookedonmusic.org.uk

This game is the latest stage in a citizen science experiment that was launched at the 2013 Manchester Science Festival in October, with celebrities and members of the public being asked to vote for their catchiest tune, and no surprise, Kylie’s ‘I can’t get you out of my head’ came out on top – resulting in Kylie Minogue tweeting about it.

Leading cognition scientists from the University of Amsterdam, who are involved in the project, want to analyse the data they retrieve from people playing the game to predict the catchiest musical fragments, and devise ways to trigger memories and provide therapeutic benefits.

The team is keen for as many people as possible to play the game, so they can get enough results to make this mass participation experiment a real success.

So go on what are you waiting for? Play the #HookedOnMusic game and do your bit for science.

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