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Engagement with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds


We are delighted to announce the publication of our ‘Experiments in Engagement’ reports, which look at how to effectively engage young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with ‘the s word’.

Experiments in Engagement: Research into engagement activities with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds

The Combined Summary pulls together the key findings from the Literature Review and Research Report, and makes 12 recommendations on how to better engage disadvantaged young people – ten are for practitioners, while two are for Funders. The reports also give a timely insight as to whether it’s ‘One Direction’ or Mr Brown the local football coach who can have a bigger influence on young people’s lives.

This work is a direct follow on from our Review into Informal Science Learning, which was published in November 2012. A key recommendation of that review was to improve engagement with particular audiences, one of which was disadvantaged young people – a group that we feel particularly strongly about reaching more effectively.

We hope that these reports are valuable to the science engagement community and help move forward activity with disadvantaged young people.

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