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Did you volunteer for the University on 16 May – National Day of Volunteering (Give and Gain Day)?

You may be aware that 16 May was National Day of Volunteering and that the University contributed by participating in ‘Give and Gain Day’. This is an initiative organised by Business in the Community (BiTC)* that encourages employers to target staff volunteering activity onto this particular day to effect a groundswell and maximise the impact of staff participation on a global scale.

In addition to the formally brokered ‘BiTC Give and Gain projects’ that some University teams signed up for, we have the opportunity to contribute further to the success of the day by recording ANY staff volunteering activity that took place on 16 May. Consequently, if you are aware of University supported staff volunteering (e.g. School Governors, Public Engagement, team development volunteering events) that are happening in your area, please would you please let susan.field@manchester.ac.uk know about it by answering the following brief questions:

  • No. of employee volunteers
  • Approximately how many hours (in total) were given to this activity on 16 May?
  • Please give a short description of the activity you took part in.
  • Name of beneficiary organisation
  • Beneficiary postcode (if known)
  • Did you work in collaboration with other companies on the day?
  • Brief details of who

* ‘Business in the Community’ (BiTC) brings together like-minded organisations to use their ideas, talents and resources to enhance their social responsibility impact. The University became a member of BiTC in Summer 2013 in support of our social responsibility agenda.

Thank you in anticipation of your help!

Susan Field, Head of Human Resources,  HR Office,  Faculty of Engineering & Physical 

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