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Public Engagement at Manchester

A workshop on Understanding Participation

How do you analyse participation by individuals, communities or the public in your area of study? What criteria do you use to evaluate participation? What theories or models does your discipline use?

The Understanding Participation workshop, taking place Friday 21 February 2014 from, 10.00 a.m. – 2.00 p.m will explore these questions and more.

Participation is a key element in research and professional practice for varied academic disciplines engaging people in making decisions about issues and procedures that affect their lives, from individual well-being to global sustainability.

Would You Like to Share Your Models, frameworks or examples?

On Tuesday 21 February 2014, we will be holding a multi disciplinary workshop designed to consider a range of models for analysing and evaluating participation, whether in virtual or face to face interactions.

We are looking for individuals interested in sharing their models, frameworks or examples of their application to practice at the workshop. It does not have to be a report of research undertaken: We would welcome posters, slides or slideshows that outline or sumarise an approach to evaluating participation.

If you would like to contribute a display click here to submit details of your examples
Please note that the deadline for the description is Monday 13 January 2014

Don’t have a model, but would like to attend the event, register here.

To discuss your ideas or queries, please contact:

Kate Sapin, Programme Director, Community and Youth Work Studies, Manchester Institute for Education, School of Environment, Education and Development. Email – Kate.sapin@manchester.ac.uk or tel: 0161 275 3523

Rachel Gibson, Professor of Political Science, Institute of Social Change,
School of Social Sciences.  Email – Rachel.Gibson@manchester.ac.uk or tel: 0161-306-6933

This event is funded by Manchester Informatics

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