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The Briefing Tech Writing Challenge

We’re looking for people who can explain what’s happening in science, technology, and engineering. We know there are lots of great research projects, trends, and people that are never covered because non-specialist writers don’t have the background or insight to see their importance. Even if they do, they often can’t explain the ideas well enough for technical people to learn anything useful. So instead, we want to find people who are excited and knowledgable about what’s happening in research and development, can see what’s important and what’s not, and can explain it to a broad technical audience.

If you are going to be under 30 on the 1st of January, you’re eligible to enter our competition… but the deadline is 4 November.

There are six prizes across R&D. As it’s our first year of running (who knows how many applicants we’ll get?), you probably have a very good chance of winning and an excellent chance of being shortlisted (which will draw attention to your work!)

Full details at http://the-briefing.com/competitions/the-briefing-tech-writing-challenge/

Posted on behalf of Sunny Bains, Editorial Director, The Briefing

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