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Public Engagement at Manchester

Free engagement training for engineers – Birmingham/Bristol/Manchester/Bath

Do you love Engineering? Do you wish everyone appreciated how important it is? Do you think there are misconceptions about engineering and wish you could help change its image? If you answered YES to at least one of these questions, this call is for you – join Ingenious Busking.

Funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering, Ingenious Busking wants to get the public thinking about what engineering really is through short street theatre shows. Themes include: how engineering builds the world around us (visible and invisible), its impact in our lives and crucially, what is the essence of being an engineer.


We are recruiting Engineers to train with us and join the team. The intensive two day weekend courses are open to all professional engineers:

  • Weekend training course in Manchester or Birmingham 30 Nov – 1 Dec 2013
  • Weekend training course in Bristol or Bath 7 – 8 Dec 2013

Throughout the two days you will learn techniques used to engage difficult audiences, learn the INGENIOUS BUSKING Engineering performance routines and be supported in trying these out in the street. No previous experience required. And, you will gain practical communication techniques which can be used in your career.

About us

The coaches Dr Sara Santos (founder of Maths Busking; a mathematician) and Dr Ken Farquhar (founder of the Inspirational Science Theatre Company; a physicist, chemist and juggler) have vast experience supporting Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics professionals developing skills to engage street passers-by with informative, inspirational and amusing short performances. See them in action here.

How to apply

Registration and the courses are FREE. Space is limited so if you are interested please register at: www.ingeniousbusking.com

Otherwise contact us on ingenious@mathsbusking.com.

Posted on behalf of Jane Costello,  Events Coordinator Assistant on behalf of Sara Santos and Ken Farquhar

+44(0) 7565 347 297

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