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Public Engagement at Manchester

Manchester Sci-comm Burritos

For those of you in and around Manchester, who work in sci-comm / public engagement / outreach, we somehow continue to meet regularly and natter over nachos about life, the universe and alliteration.

The next two sci-comm burrito (#scicommburrito) meetings in Manchester are
scheduled for:

  • Monday 21  October (6.30pm, Barburrito on Piccadilly Gardens) – pre-Manchester Science Festival excitement
  • Tuesday 5 November (6.30pm, Barburrito on Piccadilly Gardens) – post-Manchester Science Festival analysis

Join us to deliberate upcoming sci-comm triumphs (sci-umphs) and ponder over past victories/semi-victories.

If you know of anyone who you think might be interested in joining us, there’s information at bit.ly/scicommburrito, I can be emailed at katiesteckles@gmail.com (and send a reminder email shortly before) at this address, and we use the hashtag #scicommburrito.

Posted on behalf of Katie Steckles.


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